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Modular Builder Benefits


Increase in Production

Our clients experience an increase in production due to the skilled labor force we provide, while maintaining a no benefit cost. We think that you will be excited to hear that means you will no longer have to provide OT pay, 401 K benefits, holiday pay, health insurance benefits, bonuses or any other benefit-based programs you may offer your W-2 employees. This frees up funds to allocate elsewhere.

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Extensive Skilled Labor

We provide our clients with hand-selected skilled labor, from our recruiting team. Our workers are screened to ensure they are quality tradesmen in their field. This prevents us from sending unqualified laborers to the facility or the jobsite that cannot perform the required position's needs. Our employees are familiar with the modular production setting and high-paced demands. Our recruiters are constantly sourcing and screening skilled tradesman to keep our labor pool plentiful to meet any job scope.

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Onsite Management

Onsite management allows us to make sure our laborers are performing their jobs efficiently and allows for implementation of one-on-one training or adjustments if needed. It also allows us to keep production moving and occasionally replace laborers, if necessary. Our on-site mangers work in conjunction with your team leads to ensure maximum productivity. We can offer Osha certification, lift certification, forklift, etc.

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About Us

FourA Constructs is an experienced general contracting firm focused on providing Modular Builders a one stop shop for their skilled labor needs.

Our team consists of well rounded recruitment experts who have multiple years of construction experience and are trained to identify top craftworkers who are reliable, verifiably skilled and safety-minded.

​You will find our values of excellence, thoroughness and integrity a refreshing change from the standard fare of workmen you may encounter. We strive for nothing more than providing you with Quality, Safety and Satisfaction.

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